Saturday, March 13, 2010

Side Tracked... But Not For Long

Well, I started P90X..... but kind of got side tracked....

But I'm eager to get back at it. The weather has been great, the snow is melting, and roads are drying up, and I smell bike riding season. For me to get into a regular exercise routine I need to start by doing something active that I find fun. Sports like hockey has always been the motivator. As I actively get involved playing sports, I then naturally get active working out. Right now I'm looking forward to getting on my bike and riding the trails. Last fall before I put the bike away I was riding about 14km in about 45mins. Its going to feel great improving that time!

As I get active riding the bike it will be easier to become consistant at doing P90X daily.

Can't wait to get this working out thing goin' regularily!!!

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